Indignant Senility

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Plays Wagner (2010) , 6.5/10

Oregon-based electronic musician Pat Maherr launched several projects including Moms Who Chop, DJ YoYo Dieting, Sisprum Vish and Indignant Senility. The latter debuted with the eleven untitled soundpaintings of Plays Wagner (Type, 2010), a "concrete" symphony assembled by processing records of classical music. The first movement lays down ominous clusters of rumbles. The second movement spins them around, creating the dizzy sensation of a slowly revolving galaxy and a choir seems to hail the sudden apparition of an alien civilization. The stormy drones of the third movement evoke Klaus Schulze's cosmic music. The fourth movement works as an adagio of sorts that ends on a very mournful note. The calm magniloquence of the album is best encapsulated by the lengthy sixth movement, one long murmur of nothingness that keeps mutating, expanding and contracting, like a living organism. The eight movement begins a slow decay, as the masses of sound reveal distant voices and the flow turns slightly dissonant. By the tenth movement the music has become a hissing whisper, a gloomy rumble, a slow-motion implosion at a martial pace. The eleventh and last movement tests the darkness of the abyss, now resigned to the fall. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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