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Irata (2010), 6.5/10

North Carolina's instrumental combo Irata (guitar, drums, bass and saxophone) offered a virulent synthesis of Neu, Bitch Magnet, Universal Congress and Led Zeppelin on Irata (Pig8Pig, 2008 - Silber, 2010). Loud clawing guitar, monolithic drumming and droning saxophone lend Infinite Eight a savage quality. They display jazz-worthy timbric dexterity in Pilgrim. A more lively fantasy, Baby's Breath, is a romp through folkish and exotic styles, elements that also permeate the lugubrious Eye of Ra. The slower Lemeloing blends psychedelic languor and gypsy frenzy. The even more subdued The Myer is all about the haunting atmosphere, with saxophone and drumming stealing the show from the guitars. The album closes with the booming storm of power riffs of Angel's Share, that nonetheless hides a Joe Satriani-esque pictorial quality. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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