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Beautronics (1998), 6/10
Salamander (1999), 6/10
Lucky Cat (2001), 5/10
Meet Next Life (2004), 5/10
Plans Drawn In Pencil (2006), 5/10

ISAN (Integrated Services Analogue Network) is the Scottish duo of Robin Saville and Anthony Ryan that performs electronic music on old analog keyboards. They debuted with a trio of singles: Damil 85/Cubillo (Wurlitzer Jukebox), Betty's Lament/Uim, Titled Not Tithed/Island Magic (Bad Jazz).

The liquid melodies of Beautronics (Tugboat Records, 1998) and the glacial Kraftwerk-ian soundscapes of the mini-album Digitalis (Liquefaction Empire, 1998) hark back to Brian Eno (enhanced with drum-machines) rather than to compatriotes Boards Of Canada.

Salamander (Morr Music, 1999) and especially Lucky Cat (Morr Music, 2001) attempt more experimental beats but sound less vibrant.

Clockwork Menagerie (Morr, 2002) collects the first three singles and rarities.

(Translation by/Tradotto da Carlo Maramotti)

Gli ISAN (Integrated Services Analogue Network) sono un duo scozzese composto da Robin Saville e Anthony Ryan che esegue musica elettronica su vecchie tastiere analogiche. Debuttano con un terzetto di singoli: Damil 85/Cubillo (Wurlitzer Jukebox), Betty's Lament/Uim, Titled Not Tithed/Island Magic (Bad Jazz).

Le melodie liquide di Beautronics (Tugboat Records, 1998) e i glaciali paesaggi sonori Kraftwerk-iani del mini-album Digitalis (Liquefaction Empire, 1998) rimandano a Brian Eno (con l'aggiunta delle drum-machines) piuttosto che ai compatrioti Boards Of Canada.

Salamander (Morr Music, 1999) e Lucky Cat (Morr Music, 2001) tentano battiti più sperimentali ma suonano meno vibranti.

Clockwork Menagerie (Morr, 2002) raccoglie i primi tre singoli e rarità.

ISAN continued to refine their digital ambient music, halfway between Brian Eno and Pan Sonic, on Meet Next Life (Morr, 2004), which introduced live instrumentation in the mix. The sound is much warmer and more organic (The Race to be the First Home, Birds Over Barges). However, too many tracks sound like filler.

Maintaining the all-instrumental approach as well as the song-oriented approach, Plans Drawn In Pencil (Morr, 2006) was another collection of charming electronic/digital vignettes that failed to create enough momentum.

(Translation by/Tradotto da Davide Carrozza)

Gli ISAN continuarono a raffinare la loro musica ambiente digitale, a metà strada tra Brian Eno e i Pan Sonic, su Meet Next Life (Morr, 2004), che introdusse nel mix strumentazione dal vivo. Il suono è molto più caldo e organico (The Race to be the First Home, Birds Over Barges). Tuttavia, troppe tracce sembrano riempitivi.

Mantenendo tanto l'approccio completamente strumentale quanto quello orientato alla forma canzone, Plans Drawn In Pencil (Morr, 2006) è un'altra raccolta di affascinanti vignette elettroniche/digitali che non riescono a creare slancio sufficiente.

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