Jasper TX

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I'll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You (2005), 6.5/10
A Darkness (2007), 6.5/10
Black Sleep (2008), 7/10

Jasper TX, the project of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Dag Rosenqvist, crafted shimmering instrumental textural slo-core drenched in lo-fi hissing, crackling, rattling ambience, starting with I'll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You (Lampse, 2005). 1 Blown Out To Sea, I'm Never Coming Back 9:53 2 Braille 5:03 3 Letting Go (The World Is Coming To An End) 10:22 4 Help Them Die 4:14 5 Rounds 3:52 6 My Heart Is Broken, I've Lost My Way 9:28 7 All Those Broken Birds Singing Winter Into Spring

His art reached maturity on A Darkness (Lidar Productions, 2007). A few pieces are outright lyrical despite the surgical process employed to manufacture them. Better Days To Come juxtaposes a lullaby for acoustic guitar and a buzzing electronic signal, with the latter winning the duel. Destroy Detroit sets in motion a terrifying tsunami a` la Gordon Mumma, but then unlocks the city chaos that it was imprisoned in it, and the result is a gentle melodic duet for guitar and keyboards. A simpler approach leads to the dejected elegy of Winter/Midnight/Suicide, worthy of an Ennio Morricone soundtrack.
At the other end of the spectrum, the 14-minute Nightbirds begins with white noise and statics. The various strands get unified in a sleep, sharp drone that drifts in empty space until alien noises take over. The dialogue of these creatures is a mini-concerto of electroacoustic music in itself.
The 21-minute Some Things Broken Some Things Lost is the crowning achievement of the album: a dark sensuous drone slowly unravels until it emanates waves of light; specks of sonic dust coalesce into a new stately drone that acquires cosmic proportions; a serene cascading melody is plucked on one guitar against another guitar's counterpoint with renaissance-like grace.

The dark, cryptic and hypnotic six-movement Black Sleep (Miasmah, 2008) begins with stately ambient drones that slowly decompose into dirtier drones. An acoustic guitar intones a simple melody but is soon swallowed into a black hole of pure shapeless noise. A subtle radiation resurrects the guitar melody but it's only an illusion. Abruptly interrupted, the music sinks again in a swamp of unstable drones. A dominant drone eventually emerges and gets louder and deeper. This turns into a chaotic festival of metallic sounds, like a symphony of ticking clocks. An organ-like drone leads the concrete poem to a mournful conclusion.

In A Cool Monsoon (Pumpkin Seeds In The Sand, 2007) collects recordings of 2003-07.

The deluge of recordings continued with: the six-song EP Closet Ghosts (Fenetre, 2009), the album Singing Stones (Fang Bomb, 2009), containing Stillness and Into The Sea, and The Bending Of Light (SMTG Limited, 2009), a split with Anduin (Jonathan Lee of Souvenir's Young America).

The Bending Of Light (2009) was another collaboration between Anduin and Jasper TX.

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