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Norwegian electronic duo Jazzkammer (John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug) established themselves as the Scandinavian version of Merzbow with the insane digital mayhems of Hot Action Sexy Karaoke (2000), Timex (2000) and Pancakes (2002), The 32-minute piece of Pulse (2002) marked a dramatic turn towards suspenseful ambient music.

In the meantime Lasse Marhaug was also one of the most prolific noisemongers of Scandinavia, releasing dozens of cassettes and CDROMs such as Science Fiction Room Service (1996), Nothing But Sound From Now On (2001), Bring Me The Head Of Lasse Marhaug (2004), and especially The Shape Of Rock To Come (2004). He also collaborated with dozens of musicians. Needless to say, the average quality of his releases was quite low. As a solo artist, his career was mainly notable for the ridiculous number of really bad works.

Renaming themselves Jazkamer, they released Metal Music Machine (Smalltown Supernoise, 2006) that veered further towards guitar-based doom ambient music a` la Sunn O))), an idea better explored with the 35-minute piece of Panic (2006). Even more abstract guitar-based ambient doodling permeated Balls The Size Of Texas Liver The Size Of Brazil (2007), while Art Breaker (Smalltown Superjazz, 2008) returned to harsh noise, packing 58 pieces in less than 17 minutes (some of them as short as six seconds).

Lasse Marhaug also played with the jazz combos of Ken Vandermark and recorded duets with his drummer Paal Nilssen such as Personal Hygiene (2005) and Love (2007). The deluge of solo recordings and collaborations continued. The most interesting were It's Not The End Of The World (2006), Spaghetti Western Rainbow (2006), Quality Control (2007), The Great Silence (2007), Ear Era (2008). But they all suffered from the lack of some much needed pruning.

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