Li Jianhong

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Talking Freely Before The Beginning (2003), 7/10
San Sheng Shi (2008), 7.5/10

Chinese sound artist Li Jianhong, a leading member of the rock community of Hangzhou, recorded juggernauts of solo guitar improvisations such as the 60-minute piece of Talking Freely Before The Beginning (2pi, 2003), the 53-minute piece of A Brief History of Time (2006) and the 51-minute piece of San Sheng Shi (Archive, 2008). The latter unleashes waterfalls and avalanches of overtones that get organized in a swirling fluttering hurricane of guitar spasms before getting decomposed into violent tides of drones and explosions. The most apocalyptic section ends in a soaring, mind-bending, multi-textured "om". The vibration acquires its own rhythm, that helps propel the "om" to a higher degree of (hyper-distorted) intensity.

His second album, RTV 702 (2004), contained four pieces, and Bird (2007) was even more fragmented.

Unfortunately, he started flooding the market with self-indulgent monster guitar solos: the mini-album Lovers With Cloisonne Bracelet (Tipped Bowler Tapes, 2009), containing Lovers In Misery and Time In The Mirror, Classic Of The Mountains And Seas (PSF, 2009), containing the colossal Classic Of The Mountain (32:47) and Classic Of The Seas (37:15), and the triple-disc Environment Improvisation (2010).

Li Jianhong also played in the guitar/drums duo D!O!D!O!D!, documented on Ghost Temple (2005), and in the guitar/laptop duo VagusNerve, documented on the droning maelstrom Lo Pan (Utech, 2009).

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