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JJ NÝ 2 (2009) , 7/10
Jj no 3 (2010), 4/10

Sweden's JJ (Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander) offered yet another take on atmospheric synthetic pop with JJ NÝ 2 (Sincerely Yours, 2009). The gentle lullaby Things Will Never Be The Same Again seamlessly blends semi-orchestral easy-listening, sweet female vocals and pseudo-ska rhythm. The infectiousnly catchy and bouncy From Africa To Malaga cashes in on JJ's method. Ecstasy employs a looser, detour-prone, psychedelic structure, but still displays the formidable skills of the couple in crafting simple albeit creative beats and vocals. The humble quasi-instrumental Intermezzo actually boasts one of the most intense and colorful tapestries of rhythms and voices. The songs reveal the subtle influence of classical madrigals (Are You Still In Vallda?), childish nursery-rhymes (My Love), Western-movie soundtracks (My Hopes And Dreams) and girl-groups of the 1960s (the evocative and nostalgic Masterplan), but each becomes the victim of a deliberate shift of context by the arrangements.

Alas, the mini-album Jj no 3 (2010) was a terrible effort at sounding as trivial as possible.

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