Jondi & Spesh
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Jondi & Spesh (Jondi Moyer and Stephen Kay) are two San Francisco-based djs that specialize in progressive techno dance. They debuted with slick tracks such as the EP Psychedelic Bellydancer (Trip 'n Spin, 1996), and slowly developed a more personal style with the albums Tubedrivers (Looq, 1998) and We Are Connected (Looq, 2000).

The Answer (Spundae, 2004) is notable for the impeccable production, although the tracks are nothing revolutionary. Amid nods to Britain's existential synth-pop of the early 1980s (The Answer) and pop songs (the ethereal female vocals in Fly), the duo concocts the tribal psychedelic Nomader and the thumping Ozone.

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