Journey To Ixtlan

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Journey To Ixtlan (2008) , 7/10

Journey To Ixtlan, based in the southern California desert, fused shamanic folk, progressive-rock and doom-metal on Journey To Ixtlan (Aurora Borealis, 2008). The psychedelic suspense and tension of Pueblo is created by a slow Apache war dance combined with a distorted guitar soliloquy and wordless vocal wails. The method acquires an almost gentle tone with the ultra-slow beats and lazy organ drone of Spiritual Delousing, the soundtrack for the singer's cryptic vocal noises. The brief Corpse On The Mesa sounds like its horror remix, with an organ drone that has become a black church nightmare. The Mesa is even more abstract: just some sleepy guitar lullaby and growling distorted vocals. The brief electronic Pyramids Of Light constitutes the final stage in this progression towards absolute ecstasy. Those guttural vocals are an original addition to the program of stoner-rock.
The Cactus Shrine is an exception in that it adds regular vocals to the show and even an idyllic flute. Finally a stoner-riff surfaces in Burnt Coyote Teeth, soon coupled with a gospel-ish organ pattern and martial drums, and surfed by an acid chant. This is the one thing on the album that can be considered a "song". Codex Of Crows closes this album-mirage at a funereal pace amid alien electronics, a spaced-out choir and a Buddhist "om".
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