Jill Scott

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Who Is Jill Scott? (2000), 6/10
Beautifully Human (2004), 5/10
The Real Thing (2007), 4.5/10
The Light of the Sun (2011), 4/10
Woman (2015), 4/10

Philadelphia's poet and neosoul singer Jill Scott debuted with Who Is Jill Scott? (2000), containing the laid-back single A Long Walk (co-written with Andre Harris) and generally bathing in a spellbinding sense of intimacy. The vastly inferior Beautifully Human (2004) contains her signature song Cross My Mind, composed and produced by Keith Pelzer and Darren Henson. Other notable hits (on albums full of disposable songs) were: Hate on Me (composed and produced by Adam Blackstone), off The Real Thing (2007), So In Love (composed and produced by Kelvin Wooten), off The Light of the Sun (2011), and Fool's Gold, off Woman (2015). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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