Sven Kacirek

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The Palmin Sessions (2007), 6/10
The Kenya Sessions (2011), 6/10
Scarlet Pitch Dreams (2012), 6.5/10

Hamburg's percussionist and dance music composer Sven Kacirek coined a new genre of electronic music that uses world music as one of the elements. The Palmin Sessions (Pingipung, 2007) and The Kenya Sessions (Pingipung, 2011) mix live percussion, electronic sounds, digital programming and field recordings of folk music into smooth and atmospheric structures that resemble post-rock songs.

Kacirek played all the instruments on Scarlet Pitch Dreams (Kompakt, 2012) with little or no studio magic except for the widespread littering of found sounds. The choice of timbres (like the xylophone) and of hinted melodies (if not fully fledged refrains) shapes detached kitsch music that mocks neoclassical music and film soundtracks of the 1960s (About You and Me, Or Other Stirring Or Boring Tales). It is not quite the jovial postmodernist nostalgia of the Penguin Cafè Orchestra, but a more radical reconstruction and decontextualization of sonic stereotypes. Elsewhere (It Is Not About Love, the seven-minute Cars & Nightingales, the nocturnal and ethereal Embraces Eleven Ideas) Kacirek indulges in an original fusion of skittering African polyrhythms and jazz-rock. The ethnic motiv peaks with the intricate percussive patterns and ethereal female vocals of Scarlet Pitch Dreams. Sometimes the percussion virtually disappears, revealing the glitchy interferences that were not obvious in the other pieces: hence the piano elegy Turned Into What You Listen To and the martial piano meditation of Turned Into What You Listen To.

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