Lotte Kestner

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Trespassers William, fronted by Anna-Lynne Williams, were late and mediocre purveyors of slowcore and shoegaze-rock of the 1990s on Anchor (Sonikwire, 1999), Different Stars (2002 - Nettwerk, 2004) and, after relocating to Seattle, Having (2006).

Lotte Kestner, the solo project of Anna-Lynne Williams, debuted with China Mountain (Silber, 2010), a collection mostly of simple naive lullabies for voice and acoustic guitar (Crush The Bird, the languid and dreamy Compasses). A few piano notes and a mirror voice are enough to make the anemic Fainting Spells sound like an intricate song. The more robust and upbeat Leif Erikson and Face Shape sound almost out of context. The album closes with the slowest and most fragile song, Fainted Twice, that feels like a whisper across the universe.

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