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Khalija (2010) , 6.5/10
Keusch: Object-Relations (2011), 5/10

Khalija, the brainchild of Los Angeles-based digital musician Wyatt Keusch, debuted with the six-movement EP Khalija (Mille Plateaux, 2010), later expanded to full length. The pulsating Khalija Part I opens with a subliminal, sophisticated synthesis of minimal techno and industrial dance music. The looping Khalija Part II floats inside a murky electronic cloud and distant tribal beats the way Jon Hassell's fourth-world music used to. Bubbling and crackling organisms populate the whirling background radiation of Khalija Part III. Industrial machines struggle inside the psychedelic lattice of Khalija Part V. Irregular digital noises tarnish the shiny, sparkling surface of Khalija Part VIII. When the rhythm does not exist, Keusch can be even more haunting, like in the brief, drifting black hole of Khalija Part VI and in the majestic lugubrious cosmic void of Khalija Part VII.

Wyatt Keusch also released House of Ash (2010), credited to House of Ash, and the solo albums Fleau (2008) and Dross (2010).

Like his previous albums, Wyatt Keusch's Object-Relations (Mille Plateaux, 2011) is a mixed bag. There are several pieces that go nowhere, but some do leave a serious mark, particularly the fractured jackhammer music of Object 02 and the futuristic ambient glitch muzak of Object 03. Object 05 is basically unnerving, highly unstable musique concrete. On the other hand, too little happens to justify the eight minutes of Object 07. Object 08 is just one lengthy droning exercise that, similarly, does not break new ground and does not go anywhere.

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