Christian Kleine
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Beyond Repair (2001), 6/10
Our Noise (2002), 5/10
Real Ghosts (2004), 6.5/10

Christian Kleine and Thaddi Herrmann (editor of German magazine Debug) offered an uneventful fusion of techno and pop on the EPs Transalpin (City Centre Offices, 1999) and Kickboard Girl (Morr, 2000), that was refined on the album Our Noise (Morr, 2002). Hardly challenging or innovative, the idea sounded like a poor man's version of synth-pop.

Kleine debuted solo with Beyond Repair (City Centre Offices, 2001), for dialectics of guitar and hip-hop beats, and the six-song EP Valis (Morr, 2002), a much more somber work. Real Ghosts (Indigo, 2004) crowns Kleine's research program with delicate digital soundscapes gently ruffled by live instrumentation (Home, Stations).

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