Krazy Baldhead

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B-Suite (2009) , 6/10

Krazy Baldhead, the project of French composer Pierre-Antoine Grison, crafted the EP Sweet Night (2009) and the B-Suite (Ed Banger, 2009), a 48-minute dance jam a` la Justice and Ed Banger. The four-movement electronic poem (with each movement split into sub-movements) constitutes an austere study on fractured techno beats, but it is fragmented to the point that it gets difficult to "use" it as anything more than a sketchbook. Standouts include the cubistic ballet of 1st Movement Part 1, the bubbling and jazzy 2nd Movement Part 1, the scratching collage of 2nd Movement Part 4, the raga-rap of 3rd Movement Part 1 (Aka "Katana Powa"). Overall, the soul and rap vocals detract from the project, but 3rd Movement Part 3 (Aka "Sweet Night") is the notable exception, a demented stylistic hybrid. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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