Felix Kubin

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German electronic musician Felix Kubin (real name Felix Knoth), also a co-founder of Klangkrieg in 1987, specializes in eccentric electronic pop. His early compositions were later compiled on The Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin 1981-85 (A-Musik, 2002).

Filmmusik (Gagarin, 1999) was the album that established his credentials, followed by Die Pein vom Haupt Entfernen (Zootrope, 1999), Matki Wandalki (A-Musik, 2004), Der Aufstand der Chemiker (Schallplatten, 2004), David Fenech Polochon Battle (Inpolysons, 2007). He also recorded several collaborations with female vocalists that are often reminiscent of synth-pop.

Atoma Exi Mono (Solnze, 2006) is an anthology. Axolotl Lullabies (Oral, 2007) collects rarities. Music for Theatre and Radio Play (2008) collects three mini-operas.

House of National Dog (2007) is a collaboration with Mariola Brillowska that contains some of his more charming songs.

Teenage Tapes (Minimal Wave, 2012) compiles ridiculous rarities recorded when he was still a teenager.

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