Legion Of Two

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Riffs (2009) , 7/10

Irish duo Legion Of Two, techno producer Alan O'Boyle (aka Decal) and percussionist David Lacey, unleashed the dissonant, rumbling aural assault of the all-instrumental Riffs (Planet Mu, 2009), an incendiary mix of industrial, post-rock and dubstep. The raga-psychedelic trance of (Intro) Starbound seamlessly segues into heavy doom grooves. A similar (introverted) atmosphere is created by the jazzy ambient threnody of Turning Point. On the other hand, the polyrhythmic loop of And Now We Wait is traversed by a childish electronic chirp and a menacing distortion, Legion Of Two blends rumbling blues riffs, industrial emissions and sideral electronic drones, and the The oneiric dub of Palace is shaken by hissing electronics and shoegazing guitar before it disintegrates into fluttering nebulae of gentle tones. These are disorienting juxtapositions The lengthy pieces further dilute and confuse the structures, whether the anemic industrial dub Handling Noise or the metronomic android ballet of Cast Out Your Demons. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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