Les Savy Fav

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3/5 (1997), , 6.5/10
The Cat and the Cobra (1999), , 6/10
Go Forth (2001), 6/10
Inches (2004), 7/10 (comp)
Let's Stay Friends (2007), 6/10
After The Balls Drop (2008), 5/10
Root For Ruin (2010), 5/10

Les Savy Fav, a post-hardcore quartet from Rhode Island consisting of Tim Harrington (vocals), Seth Jabber (guitar), Syd Butler (bass) and Gibb Slife (guitar), represented a rare confluence of intelligent and wild rock music.

3/5 (Self Starter Foundation, 1997 - Frenchkiss, 2006) is fueled by the angular rhythms and twisted melodies of Fugazi and Unwound, adding psychotic vocals, frantic dissonant guitar and spastic drumming (Raise Buildings, New Teen Anthem).

The Cat and the Cobra (DeSoto, 1999) expanded the band's horizon in all directions, transforming rock'n'roll into the visceral dance of Reformat and hip-hop into the liquid shuffle of Who Rocks The Party.

The EP Emor: Rome Upside Down (Southern, 2000) hinted at a further change in style: I.C. Timer is dance music for futuristic punks, while Rome finds a third way between dreamy and dissonant.

Go Forth (Frenchkiss, 2001), the first album without Gibb Slife, failed to live up to the energetic pace of the previous recordings, but made up for it with tighter and even melodic structures (Crawling Can Be Beautiful, The Slip, Disco Drive), almost catchy in Tragic Monsters, Pills and Adopduction.

Inches (Frenchkiss, 2004) is a singles compilation containing the catchy Our Coastal Hymn, Yawn Yawn Yawn, Who Rocks the Body, and other live classics.

After a six-year hiatus, Let's Stay Friends (French Kiss, 2007), featuring Enon's vocalist Toko Yasuda, the Fiery Furnaces' vocalist Eleanor Friedberger, Modest Mouse's drummer Joe Plummer, Metric's pianist Emily Haines and the Islands' Nicholas Thorburn, marked a quantum leap forward in terms of stylistic diversity and polished production (the poppy What Would Wolves Do, the angular Pots & Pans, the furious Rage In The Plague Age, the folkish Comes and Goes, the suspenseful Patty Lee), with old-school punk-rock being the exception rather than the rule (The Equestrian, The Year Before The Year 2000). Having abandoned the punk-rock dogma, Les Savy Fav sailed towards a charming general-purpose rock hybrid.

After The Balls Drop (2008) is a live album.

Root For Ruin (2010) contains the anthemic "Let's Get Out of Here"

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