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Sweden's guitarist Kim Carlsson attacked the very pillars of black metal: vocals, rhythm and arrangement. At the same time he endorsed the most suicidal overtones of masters such as Katatonia. His band Lifelover wed gothic rock and post-rock (piano, noises and samples) on Pulver (Goatowarex, 2006) in a gloomy atmosphere dominated by the broad range of his vocals. He introduced clean pop vocals on Erotik (Total Holocaust, 2007), containing the eleven-minute Nitlott. Konkurs (2008) continued in that direction, better produced and arranged. At the same time his one-man project Hypothermia's early works, namely the three-movement Veins (Insikt, 2006) and the two colossal monotonous minimal suites of Kold (Those Opposed, 2006), also embraced clean guitar riffs, thick bass lines and post-rock dynamics while exaggerating the element of dejection. The four-movement Rakbladsvalsen (Total Holocaust, 2007) represented a stylistic journey from a moribund, implacable and lyrical form of black metal to a brainy and acoustic post-rock meditation; however, it was also repetitive beyond human patient. Hypothermia offered three versions of the same piece on the 50-minute EP Gratoner (Turranum, 2008), a rather boring experience, while the two sprawling pieces of Kaffe & Blod (Turannum, 2008) showed a more melodic style.

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