Light Of Shipwreck

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From The Idle Cylinders (2007), 7/10
Through The Bilge Lies A Calm And Bloodless Sea (2008), 7/10 (EP)
In The Empty Wreckage Of A Dream (2008), 6.5/10

Light Of Shipwreck (the project of Delaware-based sound artist Ben Fleury-Steiner) borrowed the ebbing-and-flowing aesthetic of post-rock and applied it to a combination of ambient guitar noise and propulsive drum-machines, an odd mixture of drone and dance music. The effect was mesmerizing on the three suites of From The Idle Cylinders (Crucial Bliss, 2007): I Rode And Am Riding On An Ocean Of Violent Lights puts the spotlight on frantic drumming amid distorted guitar glissandoes; I Watched And Am Watching A Cold Dead Sun Rise Then Explode relaxes the tempo but increased the doses of dissonance, turning into a symphony of abominable sounds, something akin to Gordon Mumma's ferocious electronic poems, except that after eleven minutes it unleashes mad drums and roaring guitars. and especially the 20-minute I Swallowed And Am Swallowing The River Ganges, that begins like a hysterical tabla-driven percussion concerto but then takes a wild detour into Jimi Hendrix-ian guitar improvisation and neurotic jazzy drumming only to end in a swirl of cosmic electronics.

The 21-minute piece of the EP Through The Bilge Lies A Calm And Bloodless Sea (Waterscape, 2008) mastches the intensity and devastation of the previous suites. After a few minutes it is already engulfed in utter guitar noise and hyperkinetic drumming. Then it decays into an existential languor of slow fragile drones, and one realizes that the decay "is" the subject.

The 49-minute piece of In The Empty Wreckage Of A Dream (Gears of Sand, 2008) upped the ante with an even more complex application of the same principles.

Under his own name Fleury has released Chroma (2004), To Reach The Other Shore (2004), Drones For Bosal (2005), Ghosts Of Modernity (2005), including the 38-minute Pahana for synthesizer, acoustic instruments and field recordings, As A Means Through Which I Can Speak (2006), Drifts (2006), including the four-movement Dreams, What The Night Leaves Behind (2007), a collaboration with Matt Borghi, Second Week Of The Second Month (2007), a collaboration with Aidan Baker of Nadja, Nautilus with Wings (2008), a collaboration with Danny Kreutzfeldt. Soeng (Earsnake, 2008), focused on the sound of the electric kalimba (an amplified thumb piano). Keep A Weather Eye Open (Infraction, 2010) bordered on new-age music.

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