Light Shall Prevail

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Chicago's one-man band Light Shall Prevail spearheaded Christian black metal (also called "white metal", already pioneered by Trouble in the 1980s), that was neither hateful nor nihilistic, with the lo-fi, convoluted, trippy Defeat The Reign Of The Horned One Through The Light Of Christ (2006) and with the mini-album Unearthen Hymns Of Revolt (2007), that boasted even more warped vocals and more spastic drum-machines.

That school also yielded Agathothodion's sprawling midtempo jams of Kan Guds Gjort (2007), and Flaskavsae's Philosophies (2007), buried into dense, thick droning hurricanes.

His other project Njiqahdda was hardly black metal at all: post-rock dynamics (augmented with repetitions, overdubs and loops) and psychedelic spatiotemporal warping (with riffs, vocals and beats seemingly coming from a parallel dimension) altered the stereotypical elements of black metal.

The split personality of the project was evident from the double-disc Njimajikal Arts (E.E.E. Recordings, 2007), the first disc devoted to post-doom metal (the tense Blister Within The Hive, the psychedelic A Tale Of Ancient Tergue, the foggy and unstable Blue Wintry Days) and the second disc devoted to static music (the dark ambient Ancient Tergue Recital, the laid-back cosmic The Wintry Grey).

The extra-metal ambitions of Njiqahdda were also on display with the 53-minute dark ambient piece of Fortu Manske Orta (2007), credited to Njiijn, and the 29-minute super-droning Nostri Di Consivint Mek, off Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu (2007).

Njiqahdda's double-disc Aartu Mortaa (Njiijn Arts Productions, 2008) contained a full 60-minute disc of dark ambient music; and Ints Nji Verfatu (Njiijn Arts, 2008) contained four lengthy pieces that adhered more closely to the standards of black metal. Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn. (E.E.E., 2008) contained: Nortii Maatu (15:58), Aasklamatii Ligmett Aursag (18:05), Sigmaatiiolaa (17:27), Urmae Copistrum Xaaqa Qahdda (21:05), Four more appeared on Mal Esk Varii Aan (2008), a more ambient-oriented effort. Tys Lysaj Ani Loparuu (2008) and Taegnuub - Ishnji Angma (2009) offered pieces that were less ambitious but perhaps more cohesive.

Njiqahdda then released 12 albums in 2009, but only Yrg Alms (Pagan Flames, 2009) stood out, thanks to four lengthy compositions that ran the gamut from ambient music to folk-rock and to prog-rock. The Path Of Liberation From Birth And Death (Pagan Flames, 2011) moved further towards the realm of melodic prog-rock with the 25-minute suite Universal Form Replaced With Despondent Chaos. Many of these albums contain interesting ideas but not a single composition can be considered accomplished because the ideas are so diluted and surrounded by so much fluff.

Meanwhile, Light Shall Prevail collaborators started Wrathful Plague that released Bitter Forest Winds (E.E.E. Recordings, 2008).

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