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Where You Go I Go Too (2008), 7/10
Six Cups of Rebel (2012), 4.5/10

Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrom rediscovered Giorgio Moroder's cosmic disco-music starting with the sleek hypnosis of I Feel Space (2005) and peaking with Where You Go I Go Too (Smalltown Supersound, 2008). Lindstrom's art is best represented by the suspenseful manner in which he gathers electronic sounds to launch in the 29-minute psychonaut trip Where You Go To I Go Too. first a disjointed set of events, then a bouncing ping-pong beat, then a braid of micro-melodies, then a funky syncopated alter-beat, a psychedelic undulating guitar, a gentle xylophone, a tidal wave of noise, and, after a short pause, a reinvigorated disco beat for a swirling electronic theme, with a finale that is almost orchestral. Grand Ideas is a more jovial, childish workout of rhythmic counterpoint. The Long Way Home boasts the most prominent melody of the album, that sounds like it was taken from a Sixties soundtrack, although it is sandwiched between rhythmic excesses.

It's a Feedelity Affair (2006) collected the early singles.

Reinterpretations (Eskimo, 2007) and II (Eskimo, 2009) were collaborations with producer Prins Thomas.

Real Life Is No Cool (2009) was a disco-pop collaboration with vocalist Christabelle (Sandoo).

Six Cups Of Rebel (Smalltown Supersound, 2012) was a massive disappointment in search of a justification for his retro cosmic disco-music.

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