Little Dragon

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Little Dragon (2007) , 6/10

Sweden's Little Dragon, fronted by vocalist Yukimi Nagano and featuring keyboardist Hakan Wirenstrand, concocted mellow tunes with traces of hip-hop and soul-jazz on the varied and intimate Little Dragon (2007). The sparse piano ballad Twice, the fragile and liquid Stormy Weather and the oneiric No Love highlight sophistication but not elegance. A bit of verve transpires from the mechanic carillons of Turn Left, the joyful Recommendation, the jumping After The Rain, and the tribal Test. The smooth Constant Surprises represents perhaps the best balance of melody, rhythm and mood. In general, neither the vocals nor the rhythms are particularly original. The melodies are trivial. The whole might be more than the sum of the parts, but there is nothing here that hasn't been heard before.

Machine Dreams (2009), with stronger funk overtones, contains A New, but she wastes her pipes in Sade-like litanies like Thunder Love.

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