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Transmalinnia (2011) , 7/10

The Lumerians from San Francisco specialized in psychedelic dirges on the EP Lumerians (Subterranenan Elephants, 2007).

The album Transmalinnia (Knitting Factory, 2011) marked a quantum leap forward. The pounding voodoobilly Burning Mirrors bristles with cosmic-pyschedelic keyboards that evoke both Suicide's new-wave neurosis and garage-rock of the 1960s. The shoegazing lullaby Atlanta Brook bridges early Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine. The sinister dark-punk litany Black Tusk is colored with Caribbean and jazzy accents,
As original as the songs are, it's really the instrumentals that steal the show. The garage-industrial pow-wow dance Catalini Rises sounds like some long lost tape by Chrome or Devo. Electronic keyboards pen the exotic-tinged instrumental Shortwave Fields, drenched in a suspenseful atmosphere reminiscent of the Doors' The End, as well as the mysterious acid-jazzy instrumental Hashshashin. The cinematic XuluX transitions from funk-punk dance to acid-cosmic freak-out.
They truly specialize in "dances" that are uniquely pervaded by a gothic and acid spirit, and this skill spills over in the nine-minute shamanic-zombie dance Melting Space (also known as Longwave). Here too the delight is the dissonant instrumental intermezzo and its industrial coda.
Throughout the album the keyboards (Jason Miller or Luis Vasquez) are the real protagonists.

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