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Marijn (2006), 7/10
Bijeen (2007), 6/10
Zwart (2007), 6/10
Stuip / Staar (2007), 5/10
Ranonkel (2008), 6.5/10
Vloed (2008), 5.5/10
Music For Intermittent Movements (2008), 5.5/10
Dauw (2008), 6.5/10
Stukjes (2008), 6/10
Mort Aux Vaches (2008), 4/10
Daas (2010), 4/10
Sol Sketches (2011), 6/10
Veldwerk (2012) 3.16
Lichtung (2012) 3.45
Stroomtoon (2012), 4/10
Colour Tones (2012), 4.5/10
Doepfer Worm (2013), 4/10
Sol Sketches Supplement (2013), 3.5/10
Forks (2014), 6/10
Attention The Doors Are Closing (2014), 5/10
Halfslaap II / Stiltetonen (2014), 6/10
Stillness Soundtracks (2014), 4/10
Drum Solos (2014), 5/10
DNMF (2014), 5.5/10
The Measures Taken (2015), 5.5/10

Machinefabriek, the project of Dutch electronic musician Rutger Zuydervelt, sculpted glitchy, minimalist and droning soundscapes.

One of his artistic peaks is the 18-minute Lawine, off Marijn (Lampse, 2006), that first smothers a piano pattern into a slowly-rotating ghostly, glitchy, cosmic nebula; then indulges in the interplay between piano minimalism and a dense angular metallic drone; and finally buries the piano into an apocalyptic crescendo of circular noise , leaving behind only a hyperbass rumble. The same album contains the gentle variations of glitchy ambience of Wolkenkrabber and the hypnotic psychedelic oscillations of J'Espere Ca.

Other notable compositions are the 19-minute Licht, off Bijeen (2007), a mutating droning radiation (initially feeble but then industrial-dense) cruising through a landscape of erratic glitches; the 21-minute Flotter, off Zwart (2007), in the cosmic vein of Klaus Schulze; and the 17-minute Zink, off Ranonkel (2008), a temporary chromatic and "melodic" peak of his ambient music, a symphony of suspenseful slow-motion drones. While a bit too naive, Machinefabriek's pieces created a contrast between the reassuring calm of the "ambient" component and the sinister angst of random noise. It was a kind of "faux grandiose" ambience.

Slaapzucht (Root Strata, 2007) collects the EPs Slaap and Zucht of music for laptop, guitar, home-made instruments and sound effects; plus and the 22-minute Still. Stuip / Staar (2007) collects two lengthy live performances.

Stukjes (2008) contains 16 miniatures for guitar, electronics, computer, and "found" instruments such as metal plate, sponge, paperclips, dictaphone, radio, Buddah machine...

Vloed (Sentient, 2008) documents live performances. Weleer (Lampse) is a double-disc anthology.

Music For Intermittent Movements (self released, 2008) collects film scores.

Fabriek + Fabriek (2008) was a collaboration with pianist Leo Fabriek.

The 19-minute piece of the EP Rusland (2008) used some live performances as source material.

Box Music (12K, 2008) was a collaboration with Stephen Vitiello.

Dauw (Dekorder, 2008) was a relatively straightforward collection of four songs plus the 25-minute Singel, another peak of his subliminal noisescapes for acoustic, electric, electronic and digital instruments; slowly unfolding, evanescent and bubbling.

Mort Aux Vaches (Staalplaat, 2008) was instead quite mediocre.

Glisten (Low Point, 2010) was a collaboration with Australian guitarist Tim Catlin.

Daas (Cold Spring, 2010) collects rarities. Sol Sketches (2011), Sol Sketches Supplement (2013), and Stillness Soundtracks (Glacial Movements, 2014) collect other cinematic soundtracks.

The EP Duotoon (2012) contains one of his typical noisescapes. Colour Tones (Fang Bomb, 2012) documents a performance at an art exhibition and features a clarinetist and a saxophonist.

Veldwerk (Cold Spring, 2012) returned to the atmosphere of Marijn by combining field recordings and guitar drones.

Lichtung (Eat Sleep Repeat, 2012) was a collaboration between Steve Roden and Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt).

Stroomtoon (Nuun, 2012) is a childish experiment with an analogue tone generator, a vintage synthesizer, a radio, etc; almost a tribute to the pioneers of electronic music.

The 20-minute piece of the EP Elastiek (2012) harks back to droning minimalism of the 1970s.

Brokstukken (Norman, 2011) collects three 7" singles. Stroomtoon II (Herbal International, 2013) is another compilation of three (mediocre) singles.

Doepfer Worm (Entracte, 2013) collects three amateurish experiments with synthesizers.

The cassette Forks (2014) contains a 36-minute piece for tuning forks, steel wool, contact mics, memo recorders, looped cassettes, answering machine tape, ring modulator and looper pedals. While the emphasis is on creating drones and littering them with little noises, this is his most Dadaist experiment, as childish as many others but this time also sincerely irreverent.

Attention The Doors Are Closing (2014) and The Measures Taken (Zoharum, 2015) were dance scores, notably the subtle, electric first part of the latter. Halfslaap II / Stiltetonen (White Paddy Mountain, 2014) collects two soundtracks for art installations, notably the 35-minute string sonata Halfslaap II that concocts a swarm of celestial drones, like Pachelbel on steroids. Drum Solos (2014) was made by processing the sounds produced by molesting a part of the drum kit. DNMF (Moving Furniture, 2014) contains two collaborations with Dead Neanderthals, The Thing On The Doorstep (19:11) and The Colour Out Of Space (17:40).

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