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Le Diable Avec Ses Chevaux (2007) , 7/10
Art Des Poussieres (2008), 5/10
Un Souffle De Voix (2009), 6/10
The Half Forgotten Relic Of A Dream (2011), 6/10
Continuum Sonore (2012), 5/10
Phantasmes (2013), 5/10

French duo Maninkari (Frederic and Olivier Charlot) played droning gothic music for chamber instruments and electronics on the double-disc Le Diable Avec Ses Chevaux (Conspiracy, 2007), like a classical orchestra performing Debussy while half asleep. The first half of Participation Mystic is a concerto for languid violin, ticking cello and ominous electronic drone; the second half, when the percussions kick in, is a driving blend of baroque music and world-music. The world-music alter-ego prevails on the polyrhythmic shuffle Crossing The Echo. Ota manages to blend that rhythmic energy with minimalist techniques and industrial fervor.

Besides remixes, the EP Psychoide (2007) contains Psychoide, that, ignoring the chaotic drumming, is essentially minimalist chamber music a` la Michael Nyman.

Art Des Poussieres (2008) was far less ambitious.

Besides a reworked version of Ota, Un Souffle De Voix (Neuropa, 2009) boasts the massive sinister drones and metallurgic blasts of Phenix as well as the angelic monastery chant for mixed-voice choir of D'Un Monde A L'Autre (alas, surrounded by too much filler).

The Half Forgotten Relic Of A Dream (Three:four, 2011) delivered one of the most subliminal, hypnotic compositions: Sillage Nocturne.

Droning minimalism prevails on Continuum Sonore (Basses Frequences, 2012), a six-movement ambient symphony.

The 39-minute suite Phantasmes (Three:four, 2013) was composed as a film soundtrack.

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