Stephan Mathieu

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German-born electronic and digital musician Stephan Mathieu (1967) experimented with minimalist repetition and aleatory composition on Wurmloch Variationen (Ritornell, 2000). Then he used sample-based composition to create the atmospheric glitch-pop of Frequency Lib (Mille Plateaux, 2001). Die Entdeckung des Wetters (Lucky Kitchen, 2002) collects assorted compositions, each exploring a different idea of music. Full Swing Edits collects a series of 10" remixes.

He has also engaged in a number of improvised collaborations that add up to very little: Heroin (Staalplaat, 2001) with Ekkehard Ehlers, Quality Hotel (Mutek, 2003) with Radboud Mens, Janek Schaefer and Timeblind, Reciprocess (Bip-Hop, 2003) with Douglas Benford.

On Tape (Hapna, 2004) is a collaboration with Swedish trio Tape, with Mathieu on drums and field recordings.

The romantic chamber ambience of The Sad Mac (Headz, 2005) marks a new direction, towards a more accessible kind of music.

Kapotte Musiek (Korn Plastics, 2003) documents a 1996 concert.

Radioland (2008) was made by manipulating real-time recordings of short-wave radio signals, and one of his most evocative works.

The cassette Flags (Tapeworm) contained some of his most disembodied and cacophonous music.

A Static Place (14K, 2011), composed between december 2007 and october 2010, and its follow-up Coda (2012) used ancient 78rpm records, mechanical-acoustic gramophones and computers.

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