Memory Tapes

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Seek Magic (2009) , 6.5/10
Player Piano (2011), 4.5/10
Grace/ Confusion (2012), 5/10

New Jersey-based electronic musician Dayve Hawk was initially active as both Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes (a sort of yin/yang and female/male dichotomy). Memory Cassette released the four-song EP Call & Response (Acephale, 2009) that contains chillwave classics such as Surfin and Body in the Water.

Eventually he settled on Memory Tapes as his official moniker and re-debuted with the Caribbean-tinged dancefloor novelty Bicycle (2009).

Seek Magic (Acephale, 2009) is a collection of charming dance-pop madrigals. Besides the single, it delivered languid soul-pop (Swimming Field) and moody synth-pop (Plain Material). However, the strength of Memory Tapes lay in the rhythms, as proven by the polyrhythmic ballet Green Knight, the ping-pong techno of Pink Stones, and especially the disco locomotive Stop Talking, It was mostly a cold and detached affairs. The only moments of pathos were the grand aria played by the synth in Graphics and the soaring distorted riff that shrouds Run Out.
The CD reissue includes the 22-minute instrumental Treeship, in which slowly mutating drones paint a mysterious soundscape that throbbing sequencers try in vain to colonize.

Unfortunately, Player Piano (2011) was a very weak collection.

Grace/ Confusion (Carpark, 2012) contains the sleek synth-pop ballad Sheila, one of his melodic peaks.

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