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Mika, the project of Lebanon-born London-based singer-songwriter Michael Holbrook Penniman, became a start with the retro-disco hit Grace Kelly, the main reason to buy the busy, hyper-active Life In Cartoon Motion (Universal/Mototown, 2007), that also contained Love Today and Relax.

On the other hand, The Boy Who Knew Too Much (Universal/Mototown, 2009) had some artistic respectability, or at least enough catchy glam-pop ditties: the Elton John-ish melody Touches You, the cartoonish singalong Toy Boy, the decadent vaudeville skit Dr. John, and especially the Queen-style pomp-rocker We Are Golden.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Matteo Nicoli)

Mika, il progetto del cantautore londinese di origini libanesi Michael Holbrook Penniman, cominciò con la hit disco retrò Grace Kelly, che è anche la principale ragione per comprare il carico ed iperattivo Life In Cartoon Motion (Universal/Mototown, 2007), che contiene anche Love Today e Relax.

D'altra parte, The Boy Who Knew Too Much (Universal/Mototown, 2009) ha certi pezzi artisticamente rispettabili, o quantomeno sufficienti motivetti glam-pop orecchiabili: la melodia alla Elton John Touches You, la parte vocale da cartone animato di Toy Boy, la parodia decadente Dr. John, e specialmente il rock in stile Queen di We Are Golden.

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