Mocean Worker

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Home Movies From the Brain Forest (1998), 7/10
Mixed Emotional Features (1999), 6.5/10
Aural & Hearty (2000), 5/10
Enter the Mowo (2004), 6/10
Cinco de Mowo (2008), 5/10

Mocean Worker is the project of New York-based vocalist and bassist Adam Dorn, who follows in the footsteps of the jazz and drum'n'bass fusion of Amon Tobin, 4 Hero and Spring Heel Jack, duly updated to the age of digital soundsculpting. Home Movies From the Brain Forest (Conscience, 1998) was more of a jazz album warped by a surreal tornado of sonic detours (The Mission, Son of Slam, Snakestheme), while Mixed Emotional Features (Palm Pictures, 1999) was more of an electronic album, in which the detours "were" the music and jazz was an afterthought (Detonator, Jello Dart, Counts, Dukes and Strays). Both make creative use of samples.

Aural & Hearty (2000) is a lighter divertissment, mostly devoted to facile novelties such as the elettro-bossanova Tres Tres Chic.

Enter the Mowo (Hyena, 2004) marked a strong return to upbeat jazz (fueled by debris of swing and funk) with Chick A Boom Boom Boom, Shamma Lamma Ding Dong, Salted Fatback, That's What's Happenin' Tonight, but also introduced a mellower sound with the chill-out ambient-soul ballads I'll Take the Woods and Blackbird. Guests included Bill Frisell, David Newman, Curtis Fowlkes, Nina Simone and Roland Kirk.

The samples-heavy Cinco de Mowo (Mowo, 2008) sounds like an intellectual remix of big-band jazz.

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