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Ukrainian ensemble Moglass improvised droning music for guitars and electronics in a desolate atmosphere. They debuted with the EPs Kogda Vse Zveri Zhili Kak Dobrye Sosedi (Nexsound, 2002) and Kogda Vse Zveri ZhiliKak Dobrye Sosedi (Nexsound, 2002). Their first major work was Uhodyaschie Vdal' Telegrafnye Stolby Stanovyatsa Vsyo Men'she i Men'she/ Telegraph Poles (Nexsound, 2003). After the limited-edition Pallcast (2004), they increased the doce of electronics on Sparrow Juice (Nexsound, 2006). The double-disc Nezvanova Nova I-II (2008) was scored for alto-sax, drums, guitar, synth and violin.

Nezvanova Nova III (2008) was released as a solo album by Andrij Orel.

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