Monument of Urns

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Monument of Urns was a (reportedly) one-man doom-metal band that did not perform in public but surfaced yearly with a short recording of extremely dilated guitar music. The 17-minute piece of the EP The Ancient Method (2005) begins with whipping crashing drums and distorted guitar glissandoes. These morph into a combination of slow-motion radioactive android marching steps and guttural whispers. The piece ends with the drums banging on top of brutal shapeless noise. Plenty of cinematic suspense, but difficult to match by the subsequent recordings. The 17-minute piece of the EP The Destroyer Of All (2006) displays a simpler construct, a combination of a quiet rumble and a ghostly growl that agonizes endlessly. Half of the 22-minute piece of the EP Cruelty (2007) is taken up by a repetitive bombastic overture: the real highlight is the droning soundscape that restarts the second half. The rest is predictable and dispostable. The 24-minute piece of the EP Absence (Hand Hewn Timbre, 2008) is hardly alive for the first six minutes, then it erupts evil vocals, guitars and drums with virtually no melodic line, only visceral angst wrapped in a thorny wind of distorted guitar. Luckily the next step was a major return to form: for a long time the 29-minute piece of the mini-album Blaspheme (Hand Hewn Timbre, 2010) simply vomits drum-less guitar glissandoes. The drums enter slowly and uncertain, the incendiary distortion reaching the intensity of an infernal fire.

The project continued with the 21-minute piece of the mini-album The Old Man And Death (2011), etc.

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