The Mooney Suzuki
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People Get Ready (2000), 6.5/10
Electric Sweat (2002), 6/10
Alive And Amplified (2004), 5/10
Have Mercy (2007), 5/10

Mooney Suzuki, named after two members of Can, are a New York band fronted by Sammy James that play old-fashioned high-adrenalin garage-rock. People Get Ready (Estrus, 2000) erupted the likes of Singing a Song About Today and Do It, raw ditties that swing back and forth in space and time, linking the British generation of the Who and the Kinks with the Detroit genetation of MC5 and the Stooges.

Electric Sweat (Gammon, 2002) was even more derivative but no less explosive, with Electric Sweat, Natural Fact, In a Young Man's Mind and The Broken Heart worthy of their models.

Unfortunately, the polished sound of Alive And Amplified (Columbia, 2004) detracts quite a bit from their volcanic energy, although it brings out the melodies that were pure accessories on previous albums.

Have Mercy (2007) is a jovial merry-go-round of retro stereotypes, not quite ferocious but at least sprightly.

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