Necro Deathmort

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This Beat Is Necrotronic (2009), 7/10
Music Of Bleak Origin (2011), 5/10
The Colonial Script (2012), 6/10

English duo Necro Deathmort (AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik) practiced the ultimate fusion on the mostly instrumental This Beat Is Necrotronic (Distraction, 2009), a dense bleak work rich in dubstep (Spilth) augmented with glitchy electronica, rumbling bass and cosmic hisses, acid-rock (Hurt Me I'm Bored), replete with the mystical suspense of Pink Floyd's Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun and the massive riffs of stoner-rock, shoegazing (I Fought The Law And The Law Won), a slow wavering crescendo of melodic guitar distortions, musique concrete (Technicolour Minstrel Show), ignited by a formidable explosion-like drone, dark ambient (I Can See Through Time) of a particularly black and ugly variety, industrial music (the eight-minute Return To Planet Atlas) of a quiet nature diluted in languid cosmic distortions, drum'n'bass (Necro Effigy) with pounding martial overtones, doom-metal (the brief Origami Werewolf and the endless Ultimate Testament), one long super-doom riff at funereal pace). Foetus found his heirs.

Music Of Bleak Origin (2011) feels like the work of another band. On one hand there are repetitive and monotonous pieces driven by colossal bass riffs, such as In Binary and Temple Of Juno, that aim for pure melodrama with little or no imagination. On the other hand there are pieces in which electronic syncopated beats (whether drum'n'bass or dubstep or hip hop) deter the most violent eruptions of sound, like For Your Own Good. The problem is that the two modes rarely converge and each of them suffers from a chronic lack of development.

The Colonial Script - III (Distraction, 2012) was the more varied of the trilogy, ranging from the rhythmic tornado of Imperial (Pink Floyd's A Saucerful of Secrets for the digital generation), to the gloomy galactic trip of Endless Vertex and to its peak of macabre desperation, Theme From Escape.

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