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Into The No-Man's Sphere Of The Ancient Days (2007) , 6.5/10
The Form Of Thought From Beast (2008), 7/10

Australian one-man band Nekrasov managed to produce a furious and manic sound while experimenting with a broad spectrum of avantgarde techniques on Into The No-Man's Sphere Of The Ancient Days (Exotic Corpse, 2007), with ambient and industrial elements colliding against his black-metal roots and with abstract vocals that approach the noise of the guitar. The white noise of Freedom From Self-Joy , the abstract industrial music of Allegory , and the musique concrete Barefoot Ravenous coexist with the black metal bookended by ghost noises of Into The No-Mans-Sphere Of The Ancient Days , with the feverish Eternal Black Mistress and with the infernal speed-metal Toward The Black Pain Of The Body's Core , the album's emotional peak.

The Form Of Thought From Beast (Exotic Corpse, 2008) does wonders with its propulsive black-metal attacks (the anthemic noise-billy of Mountain Ash, the Wagner-ian grinding wall of riffs Today the Sun a Golden Illusion, the hysterically pounding and whirring Neti, the ghostly breakneck threnody And Then Seared That Heart), but also matches the debut's ambitions with the ambient psychedelic 20-minute juggernaut The Form Of Thought From Beast that hides in its belly the frenzy of a black-metal onslaught. This was one of the most powerful black-metal albums of the decade.

The eleven-minute From Where I Sit The Sky Was Full Of Wrath And Ill Will (2009) appeared on a split album.

The eclectic Cognition Of Splendid Oblivion (Sige Of Power, 2010) includes the terrifying Psychic Epilepsy In The Butcher Of Light.

Extinction (Crucial Blast, 2010) was basically two albums in one: the first one indulging in extreme metal like We Are Just An Indifferent Interpretation Of The Black Plague and Chant The Name Of God In A Thousand Languages Until All Is Blood And Feces, and the other one indulging in lengthy psychological noise jams like Pre-Fetal Non-Mantra and Extinction.

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