Nerve Net Noise

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Nerve Net Noise is the Japanese duo of Tsuyoshi "Tagomago" Nakamura and Hiroshi Kumakiri who specialize in minimalist, glitch and noise music produced with homemade analogue synthesizers. After the collaboration Dub Sonic meets Nerve Net Noise (Zero Gravity, 1997) and This Island Earth (Zero Gravity, 1997), they delivered the provocative 160/240 (Meme, 1998), devoted to minimalist , patiente-testing processes of decomposition. Various Amusements (Hronir, 2001) is a concept album about the lifestyle of teenage girls, that lays down "glitchy" soundscapes and then detonate them with bursts of harsh, violent noise, according to an aesthetics closer to industrial music than to ambient music. Meteor Circuit (Intransitive, 2002) toys with the patterns and sounds that were the staple of old-fashioned electronic music of the 1950s.

Tagomago has also released solo albums.

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