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German duo Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim (Jurgen Eberhard and Oswin Czerwinski) rattled the post-industrial scene with the droning and wavering collages of found sounds and white noise documented on Kornzweig Baby (1996), particularly Papagoyenboom (1997), and almost professionally on Apfelmost Und Essig (Epileptic, 1999), and ambitiously by the 64-minute Hungerhaken's Speckrolle (2002), whereas the posthumous Vaginal Erbrechen (2007) veered towards dark ambient music.

By adding Swedish guitarist Chris Sigdell, also of space-doom trio Phased, the duo became NID and released Plate Tectonics (Aufabwegen, 2007) that continued their hypno-cacophonous mission.

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