Margaret Noble

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Frakture (2010) , 6/10

Chicago-based dj Margaret Noble crafted narrative and cinematic soundscapes out of intricate electronic dance music on Frakture (Kunaki, 2010). The way she embellishes her musical skits is both creative and charming. Safer is Better weaves a fur of twitching syncopated beats for massive drones and gravely distortion mixed with field recordings that sound political in nature. Watched starts with Gregorian-style chants, sound effects and warped text reading but then unleashes a jam of urban field recordings and propulsive Afro-techno beat. The Object of Power is Power unwinds a psychedelic carillon enhanced with pounding drums and analog dissonances. The synthesizer intones a sort of baroque fanfare in the beat-less Crossing Over before being overthrown by the noises of bowed psaltery, heartbeat and vinyl. Unfortunately, too often she focuses on the samples of radio and television broadcasts, clearly trying to make a political point. Distopia boasts the best spoken-text, artfully disguised as vocal improvisation leading into a jam of kalimba and rolling marbles. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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