North Sea

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North Sea, the project of Oklahoma's music critic and label owner Brad Rose, debuted in the vein of the solo acoustic folk music of John Fahey, except that it was augmented with field recordings and tinged with a hippy mood. Unfortunately his albums Underneath The Jesus Tree (2006), Baby Blue Bones (2006) and Archaic Spines (2007) were often meandering and self-indulgent. However by Dead Birds (2007), Exquisite Idols (2007), Crusades (2008), Gated Community (Root Strata, 2008) and and Bloodlines (Type, 2010), he had turned to dark electronic ambient music. At the same time, other works such as Exquisite Idols (2007), In The Time Of The Sugar Pines (2007), Mud Dragons (2007), Snakeroot Ceremony (2007), On The Endless Golden Skyway (2007), were still in the psychedelic folk-rock idiom. North Sea released more than 20 recordings in just 2007 and 2008: as usual, the quality of the music was inversely proportional to the amount of it.

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