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Octavius, i.e. Los Angeles-based African-American vocalist and digital producer William Marshall, took the art of sampling to a higher level on Electric Third Rail (2000), his first collaboration with beat-maker 4AM (Jason Chavez), and especially on the mostly instrumental album Audio Noir (2003), on which the pair augmented trip-hop with techniques borrowed from musique concrete via Angelo Badalamenti, dada collages via ./vol6/arkane.html>A R Kane, Nine Inch Nail's industrial music and Brian Eno's ambient music. The only drawback is Marshall's vocals (on four songs).

This vast arsenal of influences showed up again a decade later on Laws (Mannequin, 2012), another sophisticated essay on the interplay between abrasive noise and brainy dance, between industrial music and techno music, notably in Liars & Thieves.

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