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The Goliath (2007) , 6.5/10
The Joyless Parson (2011) , 6.5/10

Pittsburgh's Orgone reinvigorated death-metal on The Goliath (2007), an unusually eloquent and even melodic offering, shaken by brutal, acrobatic tempo shifts (drummer Justin Wharton immediately established himself as one of the virtuosi of the genre) and blazing, jazzy, atonal guitarwork (Steve Jarrett). Lessons of Mesopotamia is a torrent of bad vibrations that slowly drains out of energy. The explosive breakneck The Levitating Chandelier contains a violently percussive instrumental intermezzo that nonetheless feels exotic. The Goliath is emblematic of their strategy of proceeding "in reverse", from blastbeat orgy to an instrumental psychedelic break to a limping, uncertain and nervously unbalanced core. The eight-minute Vomited Hyacinths is syncopated and unstable but also melodic and even anthemic. There is even a two-minute ambient vignette, Vowelic Drone. Christian Senrud's relatively conventional vocals/grunts are the only drawback.

Orgone returned with a new, less monotonous, vocalist, Geoff Ficco, and an even more ambitious work, The Joyless Parson (Vendlus, 2011). The ten-minute The Joyless Parson doesn't waste time setting off a ferocious eruption but it later calms down dramatically, indulges in some kind of grotesque dance, and disintegrates with a protracted decay. A mindboggingly intricate guitarwork sets fire to the 14-minute Void of Course; and, coupled with the omnipotent drumming, creates a dense, impenetrable, schizoid soundscape. Just before the ten-minute mark, the piece restarts with a glacial progression and launches into a much more linear instrumental coda. The ten-minute Circulated Treason is the typical Orgone downshifting piece, that turns from beastly fury to agonizing torment. The disorienting piece here is Caress of Vines, introduced by gothic piano and slow, cannibal pace.

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