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When It's Dark and It's Summer (2003) , 6/10
Den (2004) , 6.5/10
Brigadoon (2005), 5/10

P:ano is the project of Vancouver-based songwriter Nick Krgovich and multi-instrumentalist Larissa Loyva. They debuted with the gentle, languid, hazy, atmospheric tunes of When It's Dark and It's Summer (Zum, 2003).

Den (Hive-Fi, 2004) is a much more professional affair. Arranged with keyboards, horns, strings and back-up vocals, the quartet's orchestral lo-fi pop is reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright at his least pompous and most intimate. It starts out with the catchy fanfare of Fucking Ugly Bouffant and overtones of music-hall, and After School Special is a circus-like novelty, and Arguing steals the pace of a marching band and the line of a pastoral flute, but the true ying-yang dynamics of the album is best represented by, on one hand, the warm ambience of We'll Go In Character Together, carefully crafted by a low-profile parade of instruments and voices, or Flowers, and, on the other hand, the autumnal and funereal elegy of I.D. (reminiscent of Nick Drake, who was, after all, the inventor of this genre of mournful chamber pop, and of his disciples Lambchop). In between, the music indulges into the softly oneiric Failure and the ghostly waltz-like New Son. Few poets can find so much depth into everyday events.

Nick Krgovich's project Burquitlam Plaza has released the double album Big On Fall/ Sing (Deer and Bird, 2003).

Brigadoon (Mint, 2005) is too derivative of different strands of slick pop that have already been mined to exhaustion (and sometimes boredom) by Rufus Wainwright, Apples In Stereo and Magnetic Fields.

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