Paradise Camp 23

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Boston's Paradise Camp 23, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Erik Amlee, indulged in the 47-minute shapeless space-noise jam that takes up most of Bar-BQ Dungeon (2001) and then unleashed the 46-minute drone-based jam of Solitaire (2002), bathed in cosmic electronic noise. The sitar-tinged Mu (Mandragora, 2006) and The Grassy Knoll (2005) sounded alternatively like an Indian version of Bardo Pond or Skullflower.

Erik Amlee embraced the sitar and the acoustic guitar and turned to solo improvisations: Sitar (Mandragora, 2006) and Sitar Vol. 2 (Mandragora, 2006), followed by Afternoon Dream (Mandragora, 2006), a collection of abstract oneiric sitar or guitar improvisations.

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