Aki Peltonen

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Radio Banana (2005), 6.5/10

Aki Peltonen is a Finnish accordionist who fused folk, classical, jazz and post-rock elements on Radio Banana (ReR, 2005). The festive first track is arranged (tango-style) for accordion and brass fanfare, with forceful drumming throughout. The third track is its mirror image, with the brass instruments taking over the accordion as the melodic lead. Just like the bluesy and romantic second track (an accordion solo, despite the drums), the 14-minute fourth piece, ostensibly a waltz, is a long series of melodic variations over a touching nocturnal leitmotiv. No matter how odd his pieces become, Peltonen never sacrifices melody to the sonic architecture. The fifth track is the one exception to the rule. If the other tracks are closer to folk music, this one is closer to free jazz. Peltonen's approach is intriguing and passionate, without being overtly experimental or derivative (definitely not derivative). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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