Peter Bjorn & John
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Peter Bjorn & John (2002) , 6.5/10
Falling Out (2004), 6/10
Writer's Block (2006), 6.5/10
Seaside Rock (2008), 5/10
Living Thing (2009), 4/10

Peter Bjorn & John (vocalist Peter Moren, keyboardist Bjorn Yttling, drummer John Erikkson) could be Brit-pop if they weren't from Sweden. Their sound is pure retro-pop that mimicks the 1960s with little or no imagination. Except for debut single The Forbidden Chords, all the songs that made them famous appeared on their first album, Peter Bjorn & John (2002): Failing and Passing, I Don't Know What I Want Us to Do, People They Know, 100 M of Hurdles.

Falling Out (2004 - Hidden Adenda, 2005) contains Far Away by My Side and Beats Me Every Time.

Writer's Block (V2, 2006), more creatively produced By Yttling, contains three catchy and charming songs (Objects of My Affection, Let's Call It Off, and especially the anthemic Young Folks).

The instrumental Seaside Rock (2008) was, instead, a rather uninspired work although it revealed their subconscious via samples of Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide.

Living Thing (Almost Gold, 2009) consisted of an embarrassing list of terribly outdated pop stereotypes that only occasionally were also entertaining (Lay It Down, Nothing to Worry About).

Gimme Some (Almost Gold, 2011) contained Second Chance and the usual imitations of Sixties pop and folk-rock.

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