Pilot Scott Tracy
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Flight 0713 (2002) , 6/10
Any City (2005) , 6/10

Born on the ashes of the Causey Way, that disbanded after Causey vs Everything (2001), Pilot Scott Tracy debuted with Flight 0713 (What Else, 2002). Fronted by the duo of Scott Cox-Stanton and Tracy Cox-Stanton, PST was part of the revival of the new-wave. Instead of merely quoting, they added an intensely psychotic element to the songs of Any City (Alternative Tentacles, 2005). One can hear eachoes of the new wave in almost every song, but the trick is in creating interesting variations on the well-known cliches. Human Earthquake is disco-punk a` la B52's but the vocals seem to strangle themselves. Big Fan is retro rockabilly with saxophone a` la Fleshtones, but the rhythm is breathless. The Time Has Come steals the drum machine from Trio's Da Da Da but rises to a majestic melodrama. The hiccupping Right On sounds like early Lydia Lunch rocking harder than she ever did. The naive refrain of Daisies harks back to the girl-groups of the Sixties but is engulfed in waves of distorted electronica. The tender lullaby of Master Jack seems to jump out of the folk-rock era. Best is perhaps the frantic novelty Any City, propelled by hard-rock riffs and silly Cibo Matto-style vocals. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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