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M!ssundaztood (2001), 5/10
Try This (2003), 4/10
I'm Not Dead (2006), 6/10
Funhouse (2008), 5/10
Before Today 2010), 4/10

A mediocre rap-inspired rock singer from Philadelphia, Pink (Alecia-Beth Moore) became a star thanks to the dance-rock of M!ssundaztood (2001), containing the hits Get The Party Started, Just Like a Pill (the quintessential example of her danceable singalongs) and Don't Let Me Get Me,, mostly composed by Linda Perry. After the yawn-inspiring Try This (2003), mostly composed by Rancid's Tim Armstrong and containing Feel Good Time (co-written by Beck and William Orbit for a film soundtrack), I'm Not Dead (2006), engineered by producer Max Martin was highlighted by Butch Walker's Leave Me Alone. It became one of the world's top-selling album of the year.

She struck gold again with the punkish nursery-rhyme So What (another Max Martin creation), off Funhouse (2008). Why Did I Ever Like You is the childish singalong that bookends the collection with So What. The hard-rocking Ave Mary A alternates frantic rap and operatic shout. A bouncy rhythm (of handclaps) propels the breezy refrain of This Is How It Goes Down (that features another rap detour). Her songs were sufficiently eclectic (the music-hall skit Bad Influence, the catchy dance number Funhouse, the acoustic rant Crystal Ball, the rowdy blues-rock Mean) although a bit sterile.

Raise Your Glass (2010), produced by the usual duo of Max Martin and Shellback, is a rousing folk-dance anthem.

The Truth About Love (2012), produced by Greg Kurstin (producer of pop stars such as Adele, Lily Allen, Sia, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry), contains the power-ballad Try.

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