Benoit Pioulard
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Precis (2006) , 6/10

Benoit Pioulard is the project of Oregon-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Meluch who used treated guitars, percussion, dulcimer, samples and field recordings to craft the simple, dreamy and hazy songs of the EP Enge (Moodgadget, 2005) and of the album Precis (Kranky, 2006). The latter opens with the industrial-scale cacophony of La Guerre De Sept Ans, but then indulges in relatively harmless lullabies that make Devendra Banhart sound experimental. The arrangements of Together & Down and Palimend, as well as the Simon & Garfunkel-ian vocals and jangling guitar of Needle & Thread, show his talent as a pop auteur, but the brief interludes that should attest to his membership in the digital generation (such as the instrumental collage of Patter) offer too little to distinguish him from old-fashioned singer-songwriters.

Temper (2008) was another example of bedroom digital folk that invested in all three dimensions: creative lyrics, creative melodies and creative sonics.

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