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Photosynthesis (2007) , 5/10

Oregon's the Plants (basically the duo of guitarist Joshua Blanchard and multi-instrumentalist Molly Griffith-Blanchard, plus friends) debuted with the psychedelic folk lullabies of The Mind Is a Bird in the Hand (2005). Psychedelic folk is an abused stereotype. It takes a bigger effort than this to carve one's niche inside a crowded genre.

They stretched out with the three lengthy "songs" of Double Infinity (Paradigms, 2006), motably the 20-minute Double Infinity and the 14-minute The Sky Above You Seeks The Below, which were melodic fantasies for neoclassical instruments (flute, cello, piano) seesawing through slow-motion sloppy drones and setting the stage for devil-angel male-female harmonies (Joshua Blanchard and Molly Griffith).

Photosynthesis (Strange Attractors, 2007), instead, expanded the instrumentation and settled for a pastoral atmosphere. The duo explores some interesting ideas, from Photosynthesis (organic, slow-motion music for flute, electronic and percussion that feels like a soundtrack for a documentary on blooming flowers) to the country-ish guitar shuffle Tumbleweed, from the cello-driven droning raga Roots to the gentle seven-minute carillion A Hidden World Exposed that slowly decomposes, but none is fully developed (and only the last one is really original). Not even close to the magic of Double Infinity (Paradigms, 2006).

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