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White producer Prefuse 73 (Scott Herren), also active as post-rocker Savath & Savalas, Miami-born, Atlanta-raised and Barcelona-resident, heralded laptop-based hip-hop with Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives (2001), a tour de force of fractured, warped, incoherent stream of consciousness that mixed glitch music, deconstructed vocals and jazz patterns.

One Word Extinguisher (2003) reduced the impact and increased the melodic danceable element, while Surrounded By Silence (2005) featured guests from white and black music and further refined his multi-faceted compositional techniques at the border between glitch electronica and hip-hop. The mini-album Security Screenings (Warp, 2006) focused on a hyper-fusion of jazz, funk, glitch and hip-hop, an intriguing project but implemented in a rather clumsy manner. Preparations (2007) is a rather predictable continuation of the same program, smoother and classier than ever, but hardly revolutionary.

Scott Herren's other project Savath & Savalas, that had debuted with the EP Folk Songs For Trains, Trees And Honey (Hefty, 2000), featured Eva Puyuelo Muns on vocals on the Latin-tinged Manana (Warp, 2004) and Apropa't (Warp, 2004). Golden Pollen (Anti, 2007) was the first Savath & Savalas album on which Herren was the only singer.

Prefuse 73's fifth album Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian (Warp, 2009) sounded a bit too rough and amateurish, packing 29 tracks in less than 50 minutes.

Savath & Savalas' fourth album La Llama (Stones Throw, 2009), featuring vocalist Eva Puyuelo Muna, was Herren's most daring venture into easy-listening muzak, but more indulgent than creative.

Scott Herren also collaborated with Zach Hill of Hella on the Diamond Watch Wrists' Ice Capped at Both Ends (2009).

The best thing about Prefuse 73's The Only She Chapters (Warp, 2011) is that it features guest vocalists such as Zola Jesus and Trish Keenan of Broadcast.

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